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Less House,
More Home.

Spreading comfort & joy to every home.

Sometimes things that come so naturally to us are the most difficult to see for ourselves.

So, here’s the truth…

I am not the master’s degree/certified interior designer.

I am:  

  1. A college graduate with a degree in Art.

  2. An artist, designer, organizer and stylist of all things.

  3. The one constantly beckoned by family members, friends, and friend-of-a-friends to consult in designing their home, organizing their closest and planning their personal events & celebrations.

  4. I have a natural gift. 


I’m going back to my roots.

It takes being knocked down to that rock bottom level to bloom again.

This is my time to bloom and do something that makes my soul come alive.


I’m enthusiastic to work with you with you on your projects with this passion! Are you looking for someone to re-style your home to make it ‘comfy’ again? Are you looking for a home stager to make your home joyful for potential buyers? Are you looking for just someone to have your back in the decisions you’re trying to make for your own design journey? Or even a small home party to plan or a huge gala that needs some attention to detail? I am your girl!

Katie Marturano

Founder & Master Stylist

Share Your Vision With Us

We make a house a home again. 

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